Listening TOEFL Test Exercise 1/ Latihan TOEFL Test 1


In this exercise, listen carefully to the short conversation and question on the recording, and then choose the best answer to the question. You should look for restatements of key ideas in the second line.

1. (A) The dance was fun.
    (B) It was a good time to dance.
    (C) She thinks the man is such a good dancer.
    (D) Tonight is the last time to dance.

2. (A) She’s quite thirsty.
    (B) She’ll be ready in a half hour.
    (C) She needs to leave now.
    (D) She was ready thirty minutes ago.

3. (A) The woman should teach the class herself.
    (B) The woman should see a psychiatrist.
    (C) It’s a good idea to speak with the instructor.
    (D) He would like to discuss psychology with the woman.

4. (A) She has a starring role.
    (B) She has not found a job yet.
    (C) She found the lost dog.
    (D) She just began working.

5. (A) He shares everything he has.
    (B) He has to find his lost shirt.
   (C) He is climbing the stairs to the apartment.
   (D) He has to get a roommate.

6. (A) His vacation is full of activities.
    (B) In autumn he’ll have a vacation.
    (C) He can’t have a vacation because he suffered a fall.
    (D) He’s foolish to take a vacation now.

7. (A) The book was very enjoyable.
    (B) It was unpleasant to get rid of the bugs.
    (C) She only reads when it is quiet.
    (D) It is pleasant to ride a bike.

8. (A) He hasn’t traveled much lately.
   (B) There were a lot of cars on the road.
  (C) He needs to lose weight.
  (D) The tray was thick and heavy.

9. (A) He doesn’t know how to play the game.
    (B) He has to write a story for class.
   (C) He needs to complete an assignment.
   (D) He has already finished the report.

10. (A) He always minds his own business.
      (B) He manages to avoid working.
      (C) He is the manager of the department.
      (D) He is the boss of his own company.

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